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Labs & Testing

Discovering your body's imbalances can sometimes require the help of laboratory testing. With the purpose of providing a thorough analysis of a patient’s health, Dr Emma Stokes offer comprehensive diagnostic testing.


In addition to specialized naturopathic testing, conventional blood and urine testing can also be ordered through Calgary Laboratory Services .


Some lab tests require an in-office blood draw, and others can be given to take home for collection by you, or mailed to you following an initial lab appointment. If you would like to have any comprehensive lab testing done, a 30 minute initial lab test appointments is required to obtain tests if you are not already a patient of Dr. Stokes.


Book your lab test appointment here


As naturopathic services are not covered by Alberta Health Care, there is an additional fee for this service.




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Food reactions, allergies and digestive health


Nutritional & Environmental


Precision Lab services

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